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ETL accident claim procedure

Rapid assistance for car dealerships and injured parties

ETL specialist traffic lawyers and ETL traffic law experts are specialised in the claims procedure in the event of traffic accidents. Across Germany renowned car dealerships and their customers trust in this expert advice and comprehensive service. ETL experts relieve you of the tiresome and complicated processing of accident damage and ensure fast and full payment for repairs, appraisal and towing costs. By processing claims with ETL lawyers, you save time and money and ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

Advantages for car dealerships

  • Unbureaucratic processing
  • High customer satisfaction through an accurate claims procedure
  • Higher profit as the scope of repairs are based on the recommendations of a neutral appraiser
  • Improved liquidity through the rapid crediting of payment
  • Exclusion of your liability risk through inaccurate advice

Advantages for customers involved in accidents

  • Permission to repair and assessment of the indemnity limit within 24 hours
  • Fast and professional vehicle repair
  • Maximum compensation for vehicle damage without deductions
  • Further and comprehensive compensation such as injury compensation or for housekeeping expenses
  • Comprehensive representation from one source also for the criminal law aspects of accidents

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