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Selling your business – Company Succession

ETL supports you finding a successor

Did you expand your business during the last decades and feel now ready for retirement? Whether you want to sell your firm or build a partnership with your colleagues: We support you. We help you to find a successor who takes care of your clients and employees.

Solid succession of your firm: as ETL Senior Partner

Our experts give advice on all matters relating to succession planning and company sale. We guide you safely through the entire process - from the initial contact to the contract and your retirement as senior partner.

With more than 40 years of experience in buying and selling a business, we know succession planning is a sensitive matter. The ETL principle is: All decisions are made unanimously. Junior and senior partners have a veto right on any decision that affects their company.

Are you interested in our succession planning service or want to learn more about joining an international group, feel free to contact us.

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