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The compilation of a financial report with the accompanying tax returns requires the complex use of first class PC programmes that can exchange data with each other. Until the end product, the financial statement with tax return, is completed, a precisely coordinated procedure and numerous controls are required. We perform this for you, quickly and reliably. In the scope of the end of year review you receive a perfectly compiled end product, which is also issued in an optically attractive form. With this product you have a first class instrument for banks and officials.

In order that you can concentrate on that which is important and always have a good feeling regarding law and taxes, we compile the annual balance sheets for you in accordance with the German Commercial Code and tax law. In addition, we also look after all company tax returns such as turnover tax, business tax, taxation on collective earnings, income determination and take care of interim balances, preliminary credit balances and supplementary tax balance sheets. Private tax returns such as income tax and inheritance tax round up our service.

Our financial statement and tax return services:

  • Compilation of annual financial statements in accordance with commercial and tax law
  • Compilation of cash basis accounts
  • Compilation of turnover tax returns
  • Compilation business tax returns
  • Compilation of collective earnings tax returns
  • Income determination
  • Interim balance sheet, preliminary credit balances and liquidation balance sheets
  • Private tax returns such as income tax and inheritance tax

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