PISA: Personally Informative Securely Archived

ETL PISA: Personally Informative Securely Archived

Modern and paperless data archiving

how PISA works

PISA is our newly developed, web-based entrepreneur portal. It simplifies your financial accounting and ensures simple and secure communication between you and your ETL tax consultant.

Instead of the arduous sending of huge mountains of paper, you simply send your bills and documents electronically. With PISA, your documents are securely transmitted and archived in our eurodata high security data centre, securely and in accordance with the 10 year duty of retention. You can access your documents easily at any time and from all over the world, whether at the office, at home or on holiday, on a PC or a smart phone.

And for personal documents, PISA offers a personal archive which only you are authorised to access.

With PISA you save time and money. You receive your personal PISA login via the company website of your ETL tax consultant.

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