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It not easy for someone to set up their own business: they need a brilliant idea, steady nerves and a lot of professional know-how. In order that the leap into self-employment does not become an incalculable adventure, you should have the right partner at your side from the start. In order to turn a good idea into a successful business you require a professional business plan. It is the foundation of your business and represents this with precise figures and strategies. If your business plan meets the requirements of the credit and financing institute, the chances of positive news regarding financing are very good.

In the scope of our start-up scheme, we initially analyse your plan and examine whether your project is economically viable. If this examination has a negative result, we revise your core data with you. If the result is positive, we directly compile your business plan. At the same time, we calculate the capital requirement for your start-up project and devise an individual financing concept. The aim is to minimise the start-up risk, funding costs and required collateral and to increase the liquidity of the new business.

Our services in the scope of our start-up scheme:

  • Creation of a professional business plan
  • Finding liquidity constraints and creation of a financing concept
  • Investigation and application for possible funding
  • Creation of a viability certificate for the Employment Agency
  • Professional opinion on the profit forecast for credit and funding bodies
  • Accompaniment to bank talks and negotiation with credit and funding bodies

Our tip: After the consultation is concluded you can apply for a supplement for 50 % of the consulting fee (maximum 1,500 Euros) from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BafA). We make the application for you, naturally at no charge.

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