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Pro sports

ETL Pro Sports: Tax consulting for professional athletes

Successful sector solution for professional athletes in all sports

Professional athletes need to keep their heads in the game. At the same time, successful athletes are always also entrepreneurs and must manage their financial circumstances wisely to safeguard their future.

The ETL pro sports consultants will support you with comprehensive advice in all tax, legal, business, and financial matters for your entrepreneurial activities. They provide support side by side with your manager or as an exclusive partner, for example for club events at home and abroad, advertising contracts with national and international sponsors, club changes at home and abroad, asset investments, and the acquisition and leasing of real estate. They will help secure and expand on your athletic and economic market position.

In short, with ETL’s pro sports consultants, you’ll enjoy the expertise of specialized consulting professionals. Find out more about our sector solution for professional athletes.

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Do you have any questions about our services?

Mo – Fr 8.00 am – 5.00 pm